Fender FUSE

Fender FUSE 2.0

Fender FUSE expands the amp enormously. It's a custom software application
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Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

Fender FUSE -enjoy easy on-screen parameter control, and customize your amp with deeper editing than what can be done with the amp alone. Fender FUSE even lets you access the amp's many "hidden" effects and parameters. Want to set up a Ring Modulator with a panning delay for stereo recording? No problem.

Before long, you'll create your own personalized amp. It can be all rock, all blues, all country, all metal... whatever you desire.

And if you want to create more than the maximum number of presets on your Mustang or G-DEC 3 amp, you can store a virtually unlimited collection of them on your computer. Fender FUSE is your librarian.

Connect with the FENDER FUSE community to share your Mustang or G-DEC 3 presets or load your amp with user presets created on any Mustang or G-DEC 3 model. Members of the community can also download Fender artist presets at no extra charge.

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